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Clifford J Friedman, MBA, CPA provides tax & planning services in Coral Springs, Florida for individuals throughout South Florida, and the entire United States.

For 30 years, I have provided personal service for those who want to get their taxes done right and get the best refund possible, as well as guidance in financial and tax planning, college savings and retirement planning, risk management, and more.

Don’t trust your tax matters to someone unqualified – The new tax laws affect you

If you decide to file yourself or use an unqualified tax preparer you could have errors or omissions that can cause problems with the IRS. Tax laws are complex and change frequently. Don’t miss out on significant deductions and credits, important new requirements, or critical planning opportunities.

Have you received a notice of tax due or audit from the IRS?

Have you received a notice of tax due or audit from the IRS?

Although results can never be guaranteed, I have extensive experience and excellent results representing clients with the IRS on audits and tax notices. So please take a step back, and before you contact the IRS yourself, contact me to learn how I can help.

Are you behind in your taxes?

I have helped many people to get caught up as quickly and simply as possible. It isn’t as hard as you may fear, and I can help you too. I specialize in “shoeboxes” and “procrastinators.” I will make the process as easy and stress-free as possible–at an affordable fee. Take the first step by calling me, and I will hold your hand as we take the remaining steps together.

One reasonable fee includes:

One reasonable fee includes:

  • Free consultation and fee quote
  • Free review of prior tax returns
  • Free short forms for dependents
  • Tax planning tips for the future
  • Year-round advice on taxes, financial and retirement planning.

To thank you for your service - Discounts are provided for:

My goal is to establish long-term relationships with new clients, so that over the years to come I can help them save taxes, grow wealth and secure their financial future. Please allow me to help you too. Call Clifford J Friedman, MBA, CPA.